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Our Story


My passion is to help parents focus on celebrating life’s biggest moments. A single mom and grandmother of precious g-babes I have realized life is to be valued for every day. As my grandson Izaiah played assembling a wooden kit that kept him occupied for over an hour I realized my dishes were done without hearing “I’m bored”. With his attention on building, painting and showing off his built achievement I saw the use of motor skills, focused thinking and fun! I woke at 2 am with a vision to incorporate this into play dates and parties that the whole family can enjoy!


In a world where our parents are climbing the corporate ladder and we are all electronically connected via social media it’s nice to slow the pace and unplug…unplug to spend time making special memories with friends and family. My new exciting concept would bring the value of family back to the tradition of quality time spent together. Help me reconnect the family back to those cherished memories of simplicity, one-on-one play time, and traditions made for many generations.

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