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Jessica Aleman-Singh - Mommy of Sebastian and Selah

Certified Teacher

It’s a great activity for the children, for their motor skills, the coordination, and the creativity. I really enjoyed being a part of it because I was able to partake in the activity with the kids. I like that the kids can use their creativity. And safety measures were taken with the goggles, aprons and hammers. The collaboration was very good, which is something that is very important. It was very important to have them work together to create things, taking the steps to work together a little bit of problem solving which was good also. Selah was very involved she participated with the other kids and I thought that was really good that they were able to create things together, which is using another part of their brain and creativity.


Dr. Nicole Masek - Mommy of Jack

Early Childhood Development & Education Specialist

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I liked the fact that it’s a party where the parents are actually fully engaged with their kids instead of the adults kind of on the side and kids do their own thing. I loved that the kids started out asking a couple of questions to the parents but then they took over themselves, they figured rest of it out all by themselves so it showed the scaffolding of learning I thought that was amazing , fun and engaging for everybody. It was hard for me not to take the hammer and want to build it myself. The kids were definitely scoping each other’s projects out and then seeing how they fit together. A lot of the kids were working together 100% of the time, like the bird house kids were totally engaged with each other the whole time. And with my sons project he was able to do a lot of it on his own.

Robert Blocker – Dad of Izaiah and Raven

TXDot Employee

I think it’s great, I think it’s good to get hands on experience I know both of my kids love to do crafts I think it’s even better than play dough because, they actually learn to use tools. The organizers were very helpful and walked around with the kids asking if they needed help and they taught the kids safety first. I think it brings the family together, and the kids were asking each other if they needed help, interacting. It’s a great way for them to make new friends.

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