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Unique Party  Fun !


Creative Party

New & exciting birthday party resource that incorporates education & learning with fun making our parties a unique choice


Ease of Assembly

We bring the party to you! Our birthday workshops are suitable for both girls and boys, with safe, easy-to-assemble woodworking projects for ages 4 to 12


Educative Workshop

Our workshops help children gain new skills while utilizing their creative, communication & leadership skills with hands-on carpentry experience.


Birthdays & Workshops

Workshops are the new way to do birthday parties, woodcraft kits, wood jewelry, and endless woodworking imagination to be discovered!  


Bird Feeder

Helicopter with Pilot 


'It’s a great activity for the children, for their motor skills, the coordination, and the creativity. I really enjoyed being a part of it because I was able to partake in the activity with the kids.'

Certified Teacher


'It brings the family together, and the kids were asking each other if they needed help, interacting. It’s a great way for them to make new friends'

TXDot Employee


'I liked the fact that it’s a party where the parents are actually fully engaged with their kids instead of the adults kind of on the side and kids do their own thing'
Dr. Nicole Masek,

Early Childhood Development & Education Specialist

Colored pencil tips

Why Basic Woodz?

Our wood building & carpentry activities

  • Encourage creativity

  • Boost self-esteem

  • Team work

  • Advance motor skills

  • Practice problem solving

  • Learn a new skill

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Thank you for your interest and we look forward to building and creating with you and your family!


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